Yes, I Know

It’s FFF and I didn’t post a picture, but I think I have a really valid reason today. Lili and I were gone most of the day collecting documents for our Ethiopia dossier 🙂 We also had to take Ryan to the lab for some blood work to check his medication levels. As a result, it’s 9:40 p.m., we’ve only been home a short time and I’m quickly getting this posted to let you know that I will be getting some pictures posted at some point this weekend, but it might be the end of the weekend.

Also, an update on adoption #2. As I’m sure you figured out, we are officially paper chasing for our dossier. The dossier for Ethiopia is quite a bit easier than the Guatemala dossier was. After today, we have about half of the documents collected. Also, I traded several emails with our social worker yesterday and found out that we will only need to complete an update on our home study which will only require one visit. YEAH! Not that we don’t like our social worker, because we like her very much, but we really didn’t want to have to go through the entire process all over again. In Illinois, it takes almost 3 months to complete a home study due to some state requirements. It was very nice to find out that our home study is going to take much less time. Our hope now is that we’ll have everything submitted to our placement agency in December. They will get our documents translated and submitted for authentication which will take another 3-4 weeks and then we’ll be on the official wait list for an infant girl. Currently, our agency has a 2-4 month wait for referral. So we hope to have a referral by the end of Spring with travel for pick up sometime next summer.

That’s our update for today. Keep watching for new pictures this weekend.


  1. How very awesome! We didn’t have to have a new homestudy done either for our second, just an update. It does save time! I am so excited for you!Reba

  2. Yay on the dossier progress and the homestudy. I still need to respond to your email and I will soon now that I have computer access again.

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