It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Things in the Weeks’ house have been busy as of late. Our basement project seems as if it will never end and the truth is, it probably won’t be completed until sometime this spring. We need to purchase some new pieces of trim which will need to be stained and varnished. It’s too cold here to do the staining and varnishing right now, so it will have to wait until the weather warms up. In the meantime, we’ve got the walls finished and the sump pump back in working order. The office has now been moved to the basement, but I still have tons of cleaning, filing and organizing to get done before it’s going to be completely usable. My little helper isn’t much of a helper, but she sure enjoys being involved in the process 🙂

Next week I’m going in for some minor surgery. Several months ago I cut my right index finger on a can lid and yes, it was a very avoidable injury. I treated it myself, but it probably needed professional medical attention. It appears that the injury most likely caused some trauma to the tendon in that finger and as a result fluid has build up and I now have a cyst that continues to get bigger. As it grows it is becoming more painful and is causing some finger mobility problems. Nothing major at this point, but it needs to be removed. Next Wednesday I go in to have the cyst removed. The surgeon said it’s a simple procedure and I shouldn’t have any problems afterwards. However, I will have dressing on that finger for a couple days and stitches for week which will limit mobility even more for a while. As a result I am now on a mission to finish all my Christmas shopping this week so I can have all the gifts wrapped pre-surgery. Of course there are always gift bags if I don’t reach my goal, but I prefer a wrapped gift if possible.

It’s time for me to get back to my office organization project. I’ll try to post some new pictures next post.


  1. I think if there is anyone I know who can get it all done – it would have to be you! Hope yoru finger heals quickly – amybe kisses from L. will help?

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