Togetherness and Good-Byes

Tomorrow we should find out more about our upcoming adoption.

Although I’m doubting it will happen this month, since the month is half over, I’m hopeful we will finalize by the end of June.  Once the adoption is final though, I’ll be posting lots and lots of pictures.  After all, this little munchkin if 15 months old now and I have 15 months worth of pictures to share.

Assuming the adoption is finalized by July 1st, hubby will be taking some much needed time off.  One of the benefits his company offers is 12-weeks paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child.  He will take 8 weeks this summer and the rest in December.  Having most of the summer as a family of five will be so very nice.

We found out that our other two foster kiddos will be leaving to go live with a family member.  Between having them back in 2017 and them returning to us last year, we’ve had them for 18 months.  This is going to be a big adjustment to say the least and is truly the hard part of foster care.

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With our adoption on the horizon, the other two leaving, a vacation coming up and a new grandbaby on the way, we’ve decided to take a break from foster care for the summer.

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We will keep our license in tact so we can help out other foster families by providing respite for them in between our summer travels.  We will re-group in August and decide if we want to continue fostering, stay open strictly as respite providers or close our home altogether.  We’ve had 13 children come thru our doors and while that is only a small drop in a very large bucket, we have to do what is in the best interest of our family.  Having the summer to sit back and relax a little is very much needed, so that’s what we’ll do.

We also have some home renovations we’re hoping to work on, so having fewer kids, while getting some of these things done, will be helpful.

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Mother’s Day was very nice this year.

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Hubby made arrangements for me to have one-one-one time with each of the three oldest.  I had a nice breakfast date with one, went to Painting with a Twist with another and got a manicure and pedicure with the third.  There was a lot of running here and there, but it truly was nice having one at a time and getting a break from the two littles.

Part of gearing up for the summer is also preparing for more homeschooling.  Since we take breaks throughout the year, we keep working during the summer.  We still do a lot of fun summer activities, but our school doesn’t end like it does for public school students.

Life keeps on keeping on here.

I hope you all have some wonderful summer plans to look forward to.



  1. WOW! 12 weeks for a new baby!!!!! That is AMAZING! Enjoy your summer and being together!!!!!!!!!!

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