Meet Me In St. Louie

Dave, Lili and I headed to St. Louis for the weekend. We met up with some other families who have adopted from Guatemala and had a very nice time. Not only did we meet some new families, but it was nice seeing some familiar faces as well.

One thing that made the weekend especially great was finally meeting a mom I’ve spoken to via phone and chatted with via email for over a year now. She and her husband brought their son home from Guatemala a couple months before we brought Lili home. What makes this family special to us is that their son and Lili were in the same foster home for awhile. It was the first time they had been together since he left and I was thrilled to see them together again.

On Saturday a group of us met at City Museum in St. Louis. I had never heard of this place until last week, but after looking at the website I was really excited about going. I can honestly say this place is great for kids of all ages. However, it was beyond crowded!!!! The rain caused several groups (like ours) to change their plans and move indoors. As the day went on it got busier and busier. I lost most of our group and never saw them again, which pretty much defeated the purpose of our get together. Regardless, we had a good time and if you’re making a trip to St. Louis with the kids, go check out City Museum.

Saturday night we headed to Fitz’s Rootbeer for dinner. Another place I had never heard of before last week. The food was decent and I personally think it’s worth visiting again in the future. The kids got a bit restless, but it didn’t matter. Fitz’s is extremely kid friendly!!!

Here are a few photos from our weekend in St. Louie!
Mommy and Lili posing for a photo at City Museum.

Watch out!!!! Lili is learning to drive. Keep your eyes on the road lady!

City Museum has a video arcade with old arcade games. 25 cent pin ball machines, car race game, target practice games, etc. I felt like I was walking back into my childhood.

Lili and mommy walking in the big barrel. Didn’t take mommy long to get dizzy.

Lili saying “cheese.”


  1. Adorable! It sounds like you had a nice time. I am sorry to hear that plans changed due to the weather and the group ended up in different directions.

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