Lately, whenever I point the camera at Lili she immediately starts saying “cheese.” However, the word “cheese” doesn’t produce a smile, but instead produces this face.

And this face . . . . .

And this face . . . . . .

It doesn’t really matter though, she just darn cute no matter what!!!!


  1. At least she holds still for the shot. Grace sees my camera and turns her back everytime. I have to be very sneaky to get any pictures. Lili is sooo photogenic! What a cutie pie!

  2. I agree with Carrie – at least she holds still and looks at the camera. I have one who runs, one who ducks and one who isn’t old enough to know better. :)Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you enjoyed it!

  3. I love the cheese. 🙂 Very cute. I cannot get over how much she has grown just in the past year. I cannot wait to see her as a big sis!

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