Check and Check

Today, the girls and I drove to the title company and gave them the earnest money for our Tuscany home purchase. – Check

The home inspection is scheduled for tomorrow morning which is an important next step in the process.  The inspector has given us a really good deal on doing a pool inspection as well, so everything will be covered. – Check

Although I’m still guardedly excited, my excitement over buying this house continues to grow. I’m especially excited about the prospect of completing the upgrades in a Tuscan style décor. After all, the house is on Tuscany Ct.


The next 1-2 weeks will be crucial as we get the inspection and appraisal done. One or both will determine if we move forward with this home purchase, renegotiate the deal or start shopping for a different home.

Fingers crossed!!!!


  1. Buying a house is one of the most stressful “waiting games”!!!!!! Hope everything works out!!!!!!

    • It really is stressful.

      I keep wondering what the inspector will find and if the appraisal will be at least our offer price. We built our last house and that process is different from buying an existing home. The existing home purchase we made was 29 years ago in a market that wasn’t nearly this competitive. Plus, I remember little about the process☺

  2. Keep us updated!! I always have faith that things work out how they are suppose to, I’m sure this will too, either way!

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