1. I just decided to grow Layna’s bangs out…AGAIN! I just don’t like the maintenance of bang trims. I am not confident enough in my own skills to keep them trimmed. So, I vote for no bangs.

  2. We go without here (all of us girls)…fewer visits to the hair stylest. I swear bangs grow faster than other hair. 🙂

  3. Oh dear, that’s a toughie! We had the same dilemma a while ago and we decided on bangs but I just didn’t love them on Ana….Lili looks so cute either way you really can’t go wrong!

  4. No bangs. The only bangs Cecilia has are the Guatemalan fringe which I guess is pretty common. Ive been told that they never grow out so I try to keep them trimmed but it is a pain. I grew mine out a few years ago becuase I always wished to not have bangs as a child but my mother cut them. None of the cool girls at school had bangs!

  5. Did you ever think you would spark SO much debate. We do a little bit of both at our house. I like her bangs – she’s really beautiful either way!

  6. This is such a huge issue! I have to say I prefer her with the bangs, although she’s gorgeous either way. Good that you’re grappling with this early – she’s going to face this one for the rest of her life.

  7. I vote no bangs…I am currently growing out Bellas bangs so that they will go back in her bows or pigtails. I love seeing there pretty little faces 🙂 I cant believe how much hair she has !!

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