And The Winner Is . . . . . . .

No Bangs!!!!!! It was a close vote though, 11-9. For those who voted either, I marked one for bangs and one for no bangs šŸ™‚

So, I’m going to try the no bangs route for awhile and see how it goes. The worst that can happen is we go back to bangs.

Now, changing the subject:

I realized today that Naomi’s adoption hasn’t afforded me as many opportunities to blog about what’s going on as Lili’s adoption did. Granted, during the paper chase portion of adoption, there really isn’t much to talk about. We had our referral within 1 month of submitting our dossier with Lili’s adoption, but this time we’ll have a 5-6 month wait. At least that is what our agency is predicting right now. So, for the next several months the most I will be able to talk about is how long we’ve been waiting. However, since we still have a couple milestones to reach, I’ll share that information as I get it. Fortunately, I can report that our agency informed me yesterday that our dossier is at the Ethiopian Consulate in Washington D.C. for authentication and will go directly from there to Ethiopia. They did tell me that the attorney has several dossiers that he is going to need to register and as such, he is going to be quite busy, but our dossier should be registered in country in about two weeks. That’s exciting news because that is the point where we begin the countdown to referral.

So, as things stand right now, our dossier will be registered sometime next month and if time lines stay the same, we’ll have photos, a medical report, and information on Naomi sometime in November or December of this year.

In the meantime, I’ve picked out the paint color for Naomi’s room and will soon purchase and begin painting her room. Our plan is to put Lili in a ‘big girl’ bed and move all the nursery furniture to Naomi’s room. Yes, already she is getting Lili’s hand-me-downs, but considering the fact that Lili only used her crib a handful of times (Lili co-sleeps), it’s basically new. I’ve also contacted the travel clinic and have completed the required questionnaire to begin our travel shots. I found it much easier to survive the wait if I did little things along the way to prepare for Lili’s arrival and I’m going to do the same thing while waiting for Naomi. For me, every step I take in preparation is a step closer to having my baby girl home.

For those of you who have gone through or are going through the adoption process, how did you keep or are keeping yourself busy and sane during the wait?


  1. For us the other kids are keeping us busy but I still find a lot of time to drive myself crazy wondering when will our referral come and will it come sooner or later than the guessed-upon timeframe. Our oldest son is getting married this August so that helps too.

  2. Sounds like things are moving right along. I personally like “no bangs”, although this growing out phase is just about killing me with Kate. Take for instance the latest picture on our blog. Her hair is crazy! I have to stick to my guns and keep growing them out.

  3. All progress, even little, is good progress. Medina’s process was so fast that I didn’t need to find ways to occupy my time. During the wait for Ruby I did a lot of demolition. We rebuilt the front slowerbeds and took out a bunch of brick with a sledge hammer. That really helped deal with the frustration. Good luck getting through it!

  4. Funny comment about the shots, we just got ours yesterday and we were so excited! Just like you said, it is doing something for Emme, even if it is getting poked by a needle! :)All that love in our hearts has to come out some how, or we will explode.7 days until our court date!

  5. Oh, Debbie. You’re not going to be sane, so don’t even try. I’m glad the “no bangs” won, it just gives her cute little face a whole new look.

  6. LOVE the no bang look šŸ™‚ honestly while waiting..we waited 6 months, I just put it out of my mind…I looked at the calendar when we went on the wait list , and thought way we will hear before December. so I didnt allow myself to think or dwell on it. When the numbers would jump, it was fun but I knew not to count on an earlier referral. Then the surprise came when we were number 3 on the waitlist and we got the call !!So fun. I did not buy any babies things either until our court date too. Remember how that came back to bite me ? lol. we didnt pass šŸ˜¦ I knew from boos adoption all that baby stuff around without a baby..hurts. This is just my way of doing it and it worked for me. Once we did pass court I went crazy!!!!!!!!!!! btw~ highly recommend an rv…so much amazing family time just hanging with nature. this weekend cost us $75 šŸ˜‰ not bad.

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