It Has Arrived

I’ve been stalking our Fed Ex account since last week waiting to see that our dossier has been shipped to Ethiopia. Apparently, Fed Ex doesn’t update the accounts on a daily basis because our dossier left Washington D.C. on June 1st and arrived to its destination in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on June 4th. I’m just thrilled to know that its there!!!

The next step is translation and then onto the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA) for registration. Once our dossier is registered we are officially a waiting family. We’re very close now and shortly we can begin the countdown to referral. At this point our agency is still telling us we’ll have a 5-6 month wait so we anticipate having a referral sometime in November or December. Unfortunately, that means we won’t have Naomi here for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but should leave to pick her up in March or April of 2010. Right now that seems like a long ways away, but I realize that one day I’ll look back and realize just how quickly the time passed.

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