New Adventures in Dallas

We always look forward to visiting the Dallas area because we are able to spend time with family. This visit had some added pleasure for us due to some new experiences.

Like Memphis, it was hot which for us meant indoor or water activities were in order. So our niece and I took Lili to a local water park for some cool fun. This was Lili’s first adventure to a water park so we immediately headed for the children’s play area. There were slides, rope ladders, steps and water galore. Lili was a bit overwhelmed by it all and stuck close to mommy. When I say she stuck close to mommy I really mean she clung on to mommy. She was watching everyone and everything with curiosity, but wasn’t feeling it at all. Then it happened. The very large bucket at the top of the play area, which had been filling with water, tipped and out poured gallons and gallons of water. At this point Lili was done. Really, she looked at me and said “done.” I explained to her that we were not done and were going to stay and play in the water because it was fun. I don’t think she believed me and after the very large bucket tipped a second time she was sure it was NOT fun and we decided to move over to the other side (away from the bucket) in an attempt to interest her in playing. Unfortunately, all she could do was keep her eye on that very large bucket and panic when it tipped, so we moved on from the children’s play area and headed toward the ‘lazy river.’ This was a much calmer area, but I wasn’t convinced she would find any comfort here either. However, because I want Lili to experience life in all it’s glory we found a couple inner tubes and hopped in. She wasn’t sure at first and kept her serious face on as we floated down the ‘lazy river.’ We went around once and she wanted to go again, so we went around a 2nd time, then a 3rd. She got off the inner tubes and decided to move to the shallow area where we could sit and let her play. She still wasn’t completely sure that the water park was all that fun and then we moved to the rocky area with the little waterfalls and she was hooked. The ‘lazy river’ was fun. She began to splash, jump, and kick in the water. She enjoyed a few more inner tube rides and realized this really was a fun place.

Our next new adventure was something I had looked forward to ever since we decided to take the trip to Dallas. For the first time we were going to try Ethiopian food. Our niece and her husband are future adoptive parents, also adopting from Ethiopia, and had found some good food at a restaurant called “Queen of Sheba.” To say we enjoyed it would be an understatement as the following picture will prove. We put a big dent into our meal. To my delight, Lili dug right into the injera and absolutely loved the lamb dish and yellow peas.

The only thing we weren’t fond of was the spinach, but everything else was very yummy and I’m anxious to get to Chicago in the near future for more Ethiopian food.

It was also a joy to meet another adoptive family while at the restaurant. They just brought their ‘adorable’ little boy home from Ethiopia a month earlier and he was obviously thrilled to be enjoying some Ethiopian food.

Our other fun experience was a boat trip on Lake Lewisville. This was Lili’s first time on a boat and we just weren’t sure if she was enjoying herself or not. This was the expression on her face during the majority of the ride.

What’s very interesting is that whenever anyone asks her about her vacation she perks up with excitement and says “boat.” Apparently her expression didn’t show her true emotion about the boat ride and she did end up falling asleep, so she obviously was feeling comfortable and relaxed.

The boat ride was not a first for Dave and I but we did get to experience being pulled around the lake on an inner tube, which was a new experience for both of us. Boy was that fun! Boy did my muscles hurt for the next couple of days. Who knew that would be such a work-out?

Lili and I also got to experience “Sam Moon” while out shopping one day. For those who live in the Dallas area or have been to “Sam Moon,” you understand why I say ‘it’s an experience.’ I was searching for hair bows and clips for Lili and this was definitely the place to go. Wow!!!

Our week long vacation to the south is over and now we’re back home and into our usual routine. In a couple weeks we will be taking off again and heading east to attend GAFE (Guatemalan Adoptive Families Event) in New Jersey and then onto Boston for a couple days where we will enjoy some time with our good friends Josh, Nicole and Sergio (or Joe as Lili calls him). In case you can’t tell, we really enjoy traveling.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time. There is no place like Sam Moon. I make a special trip there every time I return to Dallas just for the jewelry and hair bows.

  2. Just like Lili, Grace is not a big fan of the water park/splash pad type thing. She loves our pool as long as she is hanging tightly around Daddy's neck! The photo on the boat is priceless!

  3. Oh girl, we've been meaning to go to that restaurant since we got home – and we STILL haven't. So lame! Now I'm inspired…we have got to get over there and try some of it. Did you know, we didn't even eat true Ethiopian food while we were IN Africa? So retarded. It just didn't work out. We were sick, and the baby was sick…and we never left the guest house really – they fed us US food. We're going!

  4. Sounds like a fun time. I love her expression on the boat. I am a lazy river girl myself…I am not all about dumping buckets of water. 🙂 And I have never tried Ethiopian food…looks yummy!

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