More Pictures

Because I know most want to see pictures, here you go.

How big is Naomi?
So big!!!

We’ll keep an eye on dinner for you mom.
Let me clean this drawer out for you mommy.
And it really did need to be cleaned out.

Mom, take a picture me coloring.
Seriously, that is what she said right before I took this picture. And yes, our breakfast bar typically looks like this. Lili’s artwork spread every where. The girl loves to create!


  1. cute pics :-)thanks to you, Naomi and Yo share one hairstyle now, lol.can't believe Naomi is standing and holding up like that – awesome!!

  2. deb… i love your pictures of the girls…. they are the cutest things really. now who will Sergio marry Lili or Naomi – decisions, decisions. Either way… i'm banking on us being In-Laws someday. Miss you terribly

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