Searching the Internet

Okay, I will admit that I’ve primarily used Google to do the majority of my Internet searches. Yes, my hubby works for Microsoft and Google is a competitor, but I was using Google prior to his employment with Microsoft. However, yesterday I decided to tread new waters and tried out I can honestly say that I really do like Bing more that Google. It has a really cool feature that allows you to hoover over a result and will give you a pop up box with more detail on that site which truly saved me a tremendous amount of time. I can’t even tell you how many times I would click on a Google result only to find that it didn’t have the information I was looking for.

So, that is my plug for Try it out sometime to see what you think.

Why did I need to use We found out yesterday that the agency providing services to Ryan is discharging him. Not good news ‘at all.’ I spent pretty much all afternoon searching for and contacting agencies in an effort to find an agency that can/will provide services. My efforts were met with some success as we do have a meeting with the director of an agency a couple hours south of us. We don’t know if this is the right agency for Ryan, nor do we know if this agency will ultimately want to provide services to him, but at least they are anxious to talk to us and that’s a good thing.

One a brighter note, here are more photos for your viewing pleasure.

Lili wanted me to take her picture so she could see it. This is a mixture of smile and her saying “see it.”
Lili checking out the leopard skin at the zoo. The leopard died of natural causes and it was a great education opportunity.
Mommy and Lili entertaining ourselves with the camera. Who knew it would be so much fun taking pictures of ourselves and then looking at them. I think we took about 15 photos, but I won’t bore you with all of them. There are some goofy girls in the Weeks’ family!!!


  1. Love the pics! I am sorry to hear about the current agency. I hope you are able to find the right agency and services for Ryan. Thanks for sharing info about bing.

  2. YEA! I finally signed up so I can respond. Lili does have a very serious face, doesn't she? Can you move to Bloomington and speak Spanish at home so that I can have her in my classroom, please 🙂

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