Health Care Reform

I was able to do a little catch up on some blog reading today. Most of my blog reading, actually all my blog reading is other families who have adopted or are adopting. Even though many of these blogs are primarily adoption or children related posts, many touch on other subjects of interest. One family in particular are U.S. citizens living in Canada and they have a very interesting perspective on health care reform. Please take a moment to read their thoughts and opinions here.

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I am a wife, a mother via biology and adoption, a homeschooler and a lover of travel.

One thought on “Health Care Reform

  1. Finally have time to catch up on blogs. Husband was gone all week last week and we started homeschooling. In the end of the day i just fell into bed and that was IT, lol.So happy things start to look brighter with Ryan and the agency. Praise the Lord!!Just got back from your friends blog (about Canadian health care). We're in Germany and everybody and their dog falls under government health care. Our income is taxed about 50-56% for all kinds of stuff (health, retirement, nursing home, church, social, jobless, etc etc), if you want to or not. If you decide not to pay – for example church taxes, they tag those percentages to something else. What if I don't want to??!!! It doesn't do me any good anyways. I got a letter from Social security the other day stating, when i retire in 2040something, I'd get 120 something Euros (about $150) a MONTH!!! Our system is as broken as it can be – it's sad!I worked as a nurse for many many years, but I would never go back in that occupation while in Germany. In order for the government to save money they started to limit the nursing staff, doctors, prescriptions etc etc. The doctors are on budgets (government only gives them a certain amount a year) and if they work more then the budged allows, our socialized system won't pay them for it!!! We have doctors stop working towards the end of the year, because they "exhausted" their budget.As a nurse you had limited time for every procedure. As in "you have 30 minutes to take care of that patient, 45 minutes for that task etc etc. The humane interaction (that's what i loved so much about my job) is gone!! It's hurry, hurry, hurry and hurry again to get your task done "Oh sorry Mrs. so and so that you're dying today, but we have an emergency,not enough staff so I really don't have time for you!"That's how it looks in Germany right now – "precious" socialized medicine. Oh, and we don't have the luxury as Canada does, where we do not pay the doc for certain procedures. Since the budget is exhausted you pay a certain amount every time you go to the doc. If you ask for more then standard procedure – you pay. Sorry if i sound a little bit "bittered up" about it, it's maybe because I am, lol! Beings sucked dry from the government is far from being pleasurable. There are so many problems in our government right now – it's sickening. There's no up, there's no down, you're like "stuck in a shoe box" with millions of other people, sigh.Sorry took up so much space on your comment box. After all, God has been so good to us and that is ALL that matters.God bless,mel

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