Many Faces of Lili

I have taken hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Lili. My boys, not so many. Granted, if I would have had a digital camera and a computer 28 years ago, they too would have had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pictures. Needless-to-say, digital cameras and home computers were just not the norm that many years ago. Actually, it’s pretty amazing to realize just how far we’ve come since I became a mom for the first time oh so many years ago. But I digress. I really do enjoy grabbing my camera and snapping photos. Although I really don’t know how many of my blog friends actually enjoying seeing the pictures I post here, I enjoy sharing them and like knowing that I am keeping a chronological record of events that have happened in our lives.

A few days ago, Lili and I were having lunch and I couldn’t remember the last time I got my camera out to take pictures. I broke out the camera and she had a great time giving me different facial expressions so I thought I’d share them with you. Here she is in all her cuteness!!!!!


  1. Such sweet and expressive faces! I take a lot of pics too, more than before. Digital cameras make it too easy. However, today I was at an amusement park…took out my camera and realized I didn't put the batteries in after charging them. I felt like I was missing an appendage. đŸ™‚ So I used my phone instead. đŸ™‚

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