Only One More Step to Go

On Friday,  we drove up to Rosemont, IL to attend the Chicago RV and Camping Show.  We arrived at the convention center late in the afternoon and began looking at RV’s.  Fortunately, we walked into the show knowing exactly what features we wanted.  No need to step into each of the hundreds of RV’s set up there.  Not that we didn’t take a peek at some of the others on the floor, but we were on a mission and our goal was to see only those RV’s that fit our criteria.

As we looked, I took pictures and made notes so hubby and I could discuss the pros and cons of the ones we were most interested in seeing again.  Back at the hotel that evening, I went through the pictures and notes as we discussed the pros and cons of each.  By morning, we weren’t completely sure we had made up our minds and our plan was to go back to the RV show and look some more.

Then something happened at the hotel that made up our mind for us.  By the time we got back the show, we knew which RV we wanted to buy and only had a few more questions to be answered before making our decision final.

We had two choices of dealerships and made our way to the one on the top of the list.  The dealership is closest to our home and we will need to have our RV serviced and repairs made from time-to-time, so this was an important factor.  As we entered the RV of interest, a gentleman we had met the previous day walked up.

Craig, the man from the previous day, was from the RV manufacturing company and had answered some of our questions.  Now we had more questions and he was there to answer  them.  For about 30 minutes, he gave us information and we were even more sure that this was the RV for us.

We met with the sales rep and began haggling over the price.

Then we left and went to talk to the sales rep from another dealership who was selling the same RV and got their best price.

Then it was back to the first dealership.   By the time we left the RV show, we had paperwork completed for THIS RV from the dealership closest to us.

It is a Georgetown 364TS by River Forest.

It is a bunk house model which also has 2 bathrooms.  The 2 bathrooms was the deciding factor for us since that morning at the hotel both girls were trying to break into the bathroom within a few seconds of me going in to use the bathroom.  Two bathrooms with 6 camping made the most sense 🙂

Another thing we liked was the residential fridge.

Ours will have a Champaign finish and pebble interior.

This becomes our second home.  Our vacation home.  It’s not the most elaborate Class A RV on the market, but it felt roomy and homey.  Just what we want in a vacation home.

While it certainly isn’t everyone’s idea of camping, we have plans that make this the best choice for our family.

Now I begin making my list of all the things we will need to stock our new home on wheels.  We have 4-8 weeks before our new home arrives, so let the shopping begin.




  1. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! It’s gorgeous. OMG. This is big stuff. I am so tickled for you. I can “feel” many a good time will be had in your portable home. Yeehaw! Congratulations.

  2. I love it!!! I dream of restoring a 1957 Airstream Bubble. But I’d take a really nice Airstream, too, if it ended up in my driveway! You’re going to have so many adventures in that, and if you ever need to get away for a while, you can hide out in there!

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