Time to Lighten it Up

This has been a heavy week of posting. When I mean heavy, I mean serious information and discussion. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can only handle so much of the serious stuff and felt it was time to get back to the fun stuff.
Dave was in Seattle this week on business, so Lili and I had a girls week. On Tuesday afternoon I had a hair appointment, which is typically my time for just me. However, with daddy gone, Lili went along. As I was taking her out of her car seat she started talking about getting her hair done and I had to inform her that only mommy was getting her hair done today. The crying started so I promised her I would make an appointment for her to come back to get ‘her’ hair done. This is quite a change from the little girl who not so very long ago cried every time she had to get a hair cut. Two days later we were back at the salon for Lili’s turn getting her hair done. There were no tears and she actually sat still for the first 2 minutes. The entire appointment took maybe 6 minutes and by that point she was done, but she had her day at the salon. I really wish I would have taken my camera with me, because she was so proud having her own hair appointment and the look on her face when she first sat in the chair was priceless. However, I did try to take some pictures this morning and can honestly say, she wasn’t into getting her picture taken this morning. I’ll share them anyway.
Her hair used to cover the next line on her shirt. Obviously, we didn’t cut a lot off, but enough to clean up the ends.

And here is another picture of Lili saying “see it” as I’m taking the picture.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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