Be Still My Heart

Since the first time we held Lili in our arms we have told her how much we love her. Everyday she hears “I love you.” Recently, Dave started telling her “I love you so much” and she’ll repeat “so much.” She will also repeat “Lub you” after we’ve said it to her, that is until this morning. She woke up and as usual immediately began talking to me. Then it happened, she leaned over to me and said “Lub you momma.” No prompting, just spontaneously told me that she loved me. It was a moment that I never want to forget and thanks to my blog, the exact date will never be forgotten.

I had a couple other cute and funny moments with Lili yesterday. She is very much into the arts. Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paper, coloring books and play-doh. She was playing with play-doh and decided to bake some cakes. I’m not sure who the cakes were for, but it was obviously someone’s birthday.
Those are some big candles!

Later that afternoon my sister and her daughter came over. Lili climbed up to the counter and pulled the camera out. Of course she’s not allowed to play with mommy’s camera so I took it away from her and she said “Cheese” then she said to my sister “Watch,” looked at me and said “Cheese” while I snapped this picture. It doesn’t seem like that long ago I was posting about my difficulty in getting her to smile and stand still for a picture. Looks like those days may be gone 🙂


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