Kreativ Blog Award

Who me? Now I actually have to find a way of being ‘kreativ’ with my blog post 🙂

Thanks goes out to Nora for tagging me.

These are the blog award “rules.”

1. Thank the person who awarded me the award, and link that person’s blog on my blog.

2. Identify seven things about myself.

3. Award seven bloggers with the “Kreativ Blogger Award,” post links to their blogs, and leave a comment on each of their blogs, to let them know of the honor. I don’t really know what a ”Kreativ blogger” is, so you can just give it to whoever you like!

Seven random things about me:

1. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher and a mommy. Little did I know that those two things actually go hand-in-hand.

2. I have lived in 3 different states – Illinois, California and Washington. No offense to my fellow Illini or those from California, but Washington was by far my favorite of the three.

3. I play piano and in my early 20’s I actually gave lessons. Somewhere along the way I lost interest and now play maybe once a year. Sad, but true.

4. Someday I would love to learn how to quilt. That way I could add one more craft to my ever growing list of things I enjoy doing, but never get done. LOL!!

5. I love the process of planning events and interestingly enough, I actually see those plans through to the finish line. I coordinate get-togethers for 3 local adoption groups and am currently working on an adoptive families reunion for this summer. If I could just get #4 to line up with #5, I would be super woman.

6. Cleaning bathrooms is my least favorite job. Seriously, raise 3 boys and see if you enjoy cleaning bathrooms.

7. Three years ago I told my husband that I had been thinking a lot about adoption and wanted us to consider adopting a child. In that moment I had no idea that I would one day travel to Guatemala and bring home my beautiful baby girl. And never did I imagine that I would one day be planning a trip to Ethiopia to bring home a second beautiful baby girl. Life is good!

Now, who should I tag?

1. Carrie – Mom to Grace and Haven. While everyone else was posting photos on Favorite Foto Friday, she dared to be different and started posting photos on Mugshot Monday. She is a strong advocate for adoption from DRC and bringing about awareness of the conflict in that country.

2. Mel – Mom to 5 and currently adopting a 6th from Ethiopia. She is German, married to an American, living in Germany, homeschooling her children, and thanks to Facebook and email has become one of my best friends. Hopefully we’ll actually meet in person one day.

3. Yesenia – She has been waiting over 2 years to bring her daughter home from Guatemala and has shown great strength and courage throughout the wait. I’m quite sure I would not have handled it nearly as well.

4. Jennifer – Future mom to a baby boy and baby girl from Ethiopia. Fellow blogger who actually lives in Central Illinois, I’ve met in person and who will be an awesome mommy. No doubt we’ll be spending more time together when our children come home.

5. Faith – Super Mom!!!! I can’t even tell you off the top of my head how many children she has, but I think she has 7 at home, grown kids away from home, grandkids, and is in the process of adding 2 more from Ethiopia. Somehow, she still finds time to blog!

6. Alana – Living in Quebec, with a desire to be back in New York and her heart in Ethiopia. She is waiting on a referral and hopefully won’t be waiting much longer. Her blog posts make me laugh, sometimes cry, and are always thought provoking.

7. Emily – Another Guat adoptive mom, living in Pennsylvania, married to a dairy farmer and a great detective. She has a beautiful little girl and I was privileged to have met her and her family over the summer. Can’t wait until the day we meet again.

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