It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love this time of the year. I love the decorations and the music. I love the wonder and awe in Lili’s eyes every time she sees lights on a tree or ornaments hanging in a store. To me, it’s an amazing time of the year and one that I’ve enjoyed since I was a child.

When the boys were young we would take off in search of the perfect tree, but I quickly tired of keeping the tree watered, pulling needles out of the carpet and getting rid of the tree when all was said and done. Now we simply make the long trek to our basement and bring up the box. Or should I say boxes. I actually have 4 trees, but will only put 2 of them up this year. Why you ask? I can answer that question with one word. Lili. She is helping me decorate this year and it’s not going quickly. I was beginning to think I would still be decorating Christmas Eve and had visions of Santa coming down the chimney only to find me still decorating the trees and house. LOL!!! However, we managed to finish tree #2 yesterday afternoon and I even got all the Christmas pictures put up. Yes, I take down all the pictures on the main floor down and replace them with winter/Christmas pictures. I still have some decorations to put out around the house, but that should go fairly quickly and then we can start on the Christmas baking while enjoying a decorated house.

We got the first tree up and Lili found some piece of decorations and decided to get started on the tree without me.

Then I asked her to stand next to the tree to show off her decorating talents. Not sure what was up with the expression though.
Decorating takes a lot of concentration.
And technique.
Then there is the finished product, which is a bit crooked on top and heavy with ornaments on the bottom. It is a perfect tree in every sense of the word, don’t you think?
Some years ago, a co-worker was selling Avon and I couldn’t resist purchasing these cute little bears. You sit them across from each other, push the paw and the baby bear asks the momma bear to tell him a story. The momma bear proceeds to tell baby bear a shortened version of “The Night Before Christmas.” After the story is done you press the paw again and baby bear asks momma bear to sing a song. They then take turns singing and at the end baby bear yawns, they say good-night and baby bear says, “I love you.” They really are cute, but a 2 year old can and will press the paw over and over and over and over again. After awhile, they aren’t so cute anymore 🙂 I’m sure I’ll get them out again next year though.
And now for tree #2.
It still needs a tree topper, but I’ve decided I don’t like the one we have and want to get a new one. Also, there seems to be a lot of decorations on the bottom and particularly in one spot.
They’re a little crowded here too. But in my opinion, it’s another perfect tree.


  1. Lovely trees! I love it when the kids help decorate 🙂 BTW….do you think that the bears will actually get packed up for next Christmas? My little guy has a hard time putting away any "furry friends"

  2. I love the pictures of Lili decorating the tree. She seems so serious about it. We had some spots like that on our tree too. I love that you do Christmas pictures…how fun! I want to grow up to be like you!

  3. Love the trees 🙂 we used to have 2 trees one very fancy, the other with all the kids ornaments and keepsakes but alas…too much with little ones so only one this year. Hoping baby girl doesnt find too much fun in dismantling it 🙂

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