City Sidewalks, Pretty Sidewalks

Dressed in holiday style. In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.
It’s no secret in our house that I “LOVE” Christmas music. I’ve been known to sing Christmas songs in the middle of summer, because I “LOVE” Christmas music. It just makes me happy!!!

The other thing I love about Christmas are the lights and decorations. You wouldn’t necessarily know that by looking at our house from the outside. We have no lights on the house at all, although in years past our house has illuminated the neighborhood. I do have a wreath on the door and when you enter our house you’ll see 2 trees up and decorated, along with holiday pictures on walls, decorations on shelves, tables and the mantle. Again, it’s not as decorated as it has been in years past, but that is primarily due to setting limits with a 2 year old in the house. Still, the lights and decorations make me happy.

For the last few years, my sister-in-law and her daughter have come over to our house sometime before Christmas. We load ourselves into the van and head over to East Peoria, IL to visit the Festival of Lights exhibit. This is a ‘big’ event in this area and this year marks 25 years for the Festival. Last night was the night. We loaded up the van and made the 35 minute drive to see the lights. Apparently, everyone else in Central Illinois had the same idea. We waited in traffic for at least 1 1/2 hours and as we approached the entrance Lili says, “Mommy, potty again.” WHAT?!!!! Seriously?!!!!! Lili can you wait until after we see the lights? She said she could wait and this little girl does have great bladder control, so I trusted that she really could make it. However, there was a bit of concern, so it wasn’t quite the relaxing drive we an envisioned. Still it was, as usual, a sight to see and has certainly become a Weeks’ Family tradition.

We did take a few photos and although many didn’t turn out the best (I either need a new camera or photography classes, probably both), here are some that will give you a small glimpse of the sights from our trip last night.


  1. I love Christmas……and everything about it and that comes with it. In secret I practice Christmas Carols on my flute or piano in the middle of the summer in 90 degree Fahrenheit. Accidentally our 4 year old picked up on it and wouldn't stop blasting out "Jingle Bells" while we're at a local pool during summer break – can you imagine the looks, haha.The "Festivals of Lights" look beautiful – I want to go, too!!!And yeah, the bladders of a2-year-old. Did you see the Caeden in the snowsuit I posted on my last entry on my blog? Yeah, right at about the time all of the kids are in their snowsuits, and I'm sweating and huffing and puffing ready to get out the door with 7 layers of winter gear on (and yes, we do wear long-johns, ha ha) you can hear a little voice behind me saying, "I need to go poop now, MOM!!!" – and it NEVER fails!!

  2. Love the pictures…those look SO cool! The one thing we don't really have (other than the square) is a place to see lots of lights. I wish we did. I love driving around and looking at lights. And I love Christmas music too. I have noticed even J-man is singing those songs these days.

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