What a Way to Start the Weekend

No, we didn’t get a court date, but the next best thing at this point.

We received an update on Naomi!!!!

We now have 2 new photos and boy has she changed. She is smiling in one of the photos and has dimples!!!!!!! AHHHH!!! You can see some chub on her legs and she is getting more and more beautiful. She now weighs 13.45 lbs and is 24.02 inches long. She is reported to be active, rolls over from back to front, reaches for objects, has a good appetite and sleeps well. The doctor states she is healthy and she certainly looks healthy to me.

Come on court date!!! Mommy needs to go get her baby girl!!!!!!


  1. I too cannot WAIT to see pictuers. How awesome to get an update. I remember getting updates from Guatemala. I was on Cloud 9 for days on end. I am still hoping you will have a court date THIS week!

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