One Week and a Chance to Win

One week from today, just 7 more days, Naomi could actually become a Weeks. Now that we’ve hit the one week mark I’m starting to get a little nervous. What if our case is postponed (it happens more frequently than it should)? What if there is missing paperwork (it also happens more frequently than it should)? It also doesn’t help that we had a similar delay during Lili’s adoption. We had been in PGN for 8 weeks, which was the time frame it took for cases to be approved or kicked out because they wanted/needed additional information or paperwork. Our case was kicked out on the 8 week mark because they wanted some petty information on one of our documents. We had no idea how long it would take before it was resubmitted. Fortunately it only took a week and 8 weeks later the case was approved, but still that was another 2 months of my daughter’s life that I was without her. Once again, each day that passes by is another day without Naomi so 7 days from today I really want our case to be heard, all paperwork to be in place and for the judge to claim that she is now a Weeks.

Wonder what I’m going to be like next Thursday and Friday? LOL!!!

In the meantime, our fundraising attempts continue.

We’ve raised just over $1000 toward our $4000 goal and truly appreciate ‘everyone’ who has purchased coffee through our storefront, bought raffle tickets or participated in our 100 for $35 fundraiser. Due to pride, we really didn’t want to do any fundraising, but we also didn’t realize just how much we would be touched by the generosity of others. This truly has been a lesson in humility. One day we will “Pay it Forward” and hope that we are able to touch other lives in the same way our lives have been touched.
Speaking of fundraising, my blog friend Carrie is trying to raise money for the agency who assisted them in adopting their son from the Democratic Republic of Congo. It won’t cost you anything but a little reading and blogging time, so click here for details.

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