Painting Dilemma

I can’t talk about paint before I talk about our CTC. 4 more days folks!!!!!! By the end of this week Naomi could legally be our daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now onto the paint dilemma I was having over the weekend.
Lili’s room is light pink with burgundy curtains. I also painted the shelves in her closet a burgundy color all of which matched the pink and burgundy colors in her crib bedding. This same crib bedding will be used by Naomi and I decided I wanted to pull out the greens in the bedding for Naomi’s room. Several months ago I grabbed several paint samples and spent quite a bit of time holding them against the bedding trying to figure out which would look best. I made a decision, marked the sample and put it away with the others until I was ready to start on my paint project. I decided to get started over the long weekend, but after looking at the color I had chosen I decided it was too dark. I wanted Naomi’s room to have a lighter color on the walls with darker accents just like Lili’s room so I started looking at the other samples and finally decided on a lighter green that appeared to be a nice contrast to the greens in the bedding.
I got the room painted and by that evening I wasn’t sure I liked it. The next day I looked at it again and decided that I really did like the color, but I wasn’t sure about that color with the bedding. After some thought I decided to do a second coat of paint on the walls to see if that would make a difference. Well, it did. I really do like the color and it is a nice contrast to the greens in the bedding.
The only thing left now is curtains and possibly new shades, closet organizers that Dave will be building in the spring, a crib, dressers and most of all Naomi.


  1. Doing the room makes it all so real! My excitement is building like crazy for you guys. And like everyone else, I can't wait to see some pictures of Naomi's room. Good luck this week!

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