I traded emails with our agency yesterday afternoon and in one of the emails I received our travel packet. Our consultant wanted to give me some additional work to help keep me occupied during the wait to court.

I also traded a couple emails with our social worker and she is sending me a form that will need to be filled out and sent to USCIS because our prints expire March 5th. I mailed our I600A when our social worker told us it wasn’t going to take much longer to get our home study completed. It wasn’t too long after I mailed it off that everything too a turn south and we had delay after delay after delay getting our home study done. It took another 5 1/2 months after getting our prints done to finally receive our final home study report and 171H. If we pass court this Friday we may be traveling in February on pick up, but there is also the possibility that we won’t travel until March after our prints have expired. Since it takes a few weeks to get an appointment for fingerprinting here in Illinois, it’s time to get our request in now. Better safe than sorry.

Little did I know that my post about my paint dilemma would generate so many requests for photos. I was going to wait until the room was furnished, but I’m not quite sure when that will happen and I didn’t want to keep so many waiting. So, I took my camera upstairs, threw the crib comforter over the rocking chair and snapped a few pictures. Hopefully this will satisfy everyone’s curiosity until I am able to take photos of a completely furnished and decorated room.

A second coat of paint and a full day of drying really made the difference. I also wish we could afford to get new carpet, but we’ll have to deal with the blue carpet for awhile.

Also, notice the stack of Rubbermaid containers full of Lili’s outgrown clothes? That isn’t even half of the containers and none of them are small containers. Lili has been one well dressed little girl and fortunately since she had so many clothes, most were only worn a handful of times and are still in really good shape. Actually, some still had tags on them because she never wore them. Oops!

Lili was having fun with her camera again yesterday and at one point she asked me to take a picture of her. I grabbed my camera and got a good picture showing the reason why there seem to be so many close-ups of Lili’s face on her camera. Yes folks, she’s holding it backwards. She got a great shot of her teeth in one picture. LOL!!!


  1. what a cute baby quilt – the colors are great.and wow, indeed those are a lots of containers filled with cute little pink clothing……..ahhh, baby girls – can't wait.3 more days – will pass in no time. keep me posted on your fingerprint issues – you sure gave me a good adrenalin rush today – whew, lol. we're on such a similar time line – we even got fingerprinted only 5 days apart, how funny.have a nice day,mel

  2. I love the colors. The walls are a beautiful color! I cannot wait to see more. I also cannot wait to see a little girl IN that room. I am very thankful for all of the clothes we have saved for both of our younger ones. They do get some "new things" too but most of what we had was worn so little…I love passing them on. Counting down with you!

  3. Such a pretty room! And what a lucky mom to be able to re-use cute girl clothes. Baby Etta is going to be wearing a lot of Oscar's things, I fear.I'm getting excited about your court date; just like I imagine you're getting nervous. Will be thinking about you this week.

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