Naomi Update

I just got an update on Naomi.

On February 4th she weighed 15.87 lbs and was 24.40 inches. She was diagnosed with infant eczema and treated. The doctor states she is an active young infant with adequate growth & development. She has a good appetite and sleeping cycle. She drinks 180ml of formula milk every 3 hours and she also has supplementary feedings. She sits with support, transfers objects from one hand to the other, babbles and reaches out for familiar people. She is stable and thriving well.

Based on this report she’s been gaining about 2 lbs per month. Sounds like 3-6 and 6-9month clothing sizes are going to be just fine.

Updates are wonderful, but let’s fact facts, until I can get there and see her for myself I just won’t be completely satisfied.

Mommy will be there as soon as possible baby girl!!!!! No, this isn’t a new picture, but I just had to throw it in because she’s just so darn cute!!!!!!


  1. I haven't been stalking blogs lately, just catching up tonight. Obviously you passed court – congratulations! And yes, she is just so darned cute! Looks like you are traveling soon. Hooray!!

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