Sorry for the Absence

Yes, things are definitely busier with an almost 3 year old and a 9 month old in the house, but we’ve also been spending more time outside, at the park and doing things around the house. As such, blogging took a back seat for a few days.

So, what’s been happening here?

Last year we got rid of our swimming pool and have been tearing down the deck. The deck surrounded the pool and our plan is to build a non-pool deck in its place. Before that can be done, the old deck has to come down. Fortunately, we’ve had some really nice deck demolition weather recently and have been taking full advantage.

Because we try to recycle when we can, we’re not just throwing out the old deck material. Dave used some of the boards and built a sand box for Lili (eventually Naomi will use it as well). He’s going to use some of the other boards to build some more raised beds for our garden.

Speaking of our garden, Lili and I got the beds ready and planted peas, spinach, lettuce and onions. We’ll also be planting green beans, tomatoes, squash and zucchini. In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying some asparagus from the garden. This is one of the best parts about spring and summer. Fresh produce.

Today we had a visit from our social worker to complete our state requirements and our first post-placement report. Our social worker is required to submit post-placement reports at 3 months, 6 months and 12 month. That is 3, 6 and 12 months from the date of our adoption certificate. In this case, from the date we passed court in Ethiopia. We passed court January 8th, which means that technically our first report is already late. What are you going to do when it takes so long post-court to go pick up your child.

This has turned into a very busy week for us. In addition to our social worker visit, I had a dentist appointment. Tomorrow Dave and I both have appointments and a lunch date on Thursday with some of his old co-workers who are anxious to meet Naomi. This is also Dave’s last week of infant care leave. Honestly, he’s very ready to go back to work. He will have taken off a total of five weeks and that has been quite the adjustment from his normal schedule. In other words, next week we start to get a true picture of what real life will be in the Weeks’ house.

The other big event this week is our Meet Naomi Open House. We are expecting 40-60 people to come by over a 2 hour period to finally meet Naomi. It will be awesome to finally introduce her to all the people that have supported us in our journey.

Because pictures are the best part of blogging, this post won’t disappoint.

Floor time.
Intense sheep riding.
Someone loves the swings.


  1. I am so glad there were pictures. I mean, I was happy to read an update too but I was wanting pictures. šŸ™‚ Love the sheep riding. And Naomi's smile is just incredible. Have fun at the Open House. Wish I could come!

  2. glad to have you back!!! was missing those wonderful updates and pics of the weeks life.we planted, too last weekend – can't wait for things to grow šŸ™‚ it will be so much fun

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