Disney Parade

As promised, I’m finally posting about the parade at Disneyland.

We really didn’t plan on seeing the parade, but as we entered Main Street and saw hundreds upon hundreds of people lining the street, we decided it just might be worth watching.  We found a spot that could accommodate two adults, a stroller with a sleeping child and Lili sitting on daddy’s shoulders.  Of course to get a decent spot pretty requires that you find your spot early and stay put and I think we ended up waiting close to 30 minutes in our spot before the parade finally started.

Disney changes the theme of their parades on a regular basis, so the parade we saw was called, “Celebrate!  A Street Party.”  We really didn’t know what to expected, but boy am I glad we lined up to watch.  Quite honestly, I think I may have been more thrilled with the parade than Lili and was certainly more thrilled than Dave.  Naomi was in the stroller sleeping and missed the entire parade, which is a bit disappointing since I’m sure she would have loved it, but sleep was truly more important at that point.

In true Disney fashion, it was spectacular with lots of music, dancing and of course many of the Disney characters providing ample entertainment for the crowd.

And then something exciting happened. The dancers went through the crowd and began pulling kids out into the parade to dance. Guess who was one of the kids chosen?

You guessed it!  Our own little dancing machine, Lili, was a dancer in the Disney parade.  It was such a proud mommy moment and one that I hope Lili will remember for a long time.


  1. Oh how exciting for Lili and mommy too of course. I'm so happy to see and hear that you guys had a great time. I will say this is what I'm looking forward to the most, taking the twins to Disney World. I'm pretty sure it is out of pure selfishness because I LOVE Disney World but I won't tell if you don't.

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