Momcation – Plan B and Goal Exceeded

Plan A for ‘Momcation’ didn’t work out quite the way I hoped, so I’m now on to Plan B.

My hope was to get a group of moms together, rent a vacation home for a weekend and just have fun.  While I received several comments and emails stating interest, the number of those able to commit was very low 😦

Instead of the vacation home rental for the weekend, I’m now planning an over-night in Chicago – good food, some shopping, taking in a show on Broadway in Chicago and then returning home the next day.  A shorter trip, but should be enough to help recharge and refresh.

If you are a mom in need of a ‘Momcation’ and couldn’t get away for an entire weekend, but can do an overnight or even a day trip and want to join in, please let me know.  The more the merrier.

Thirteen weeks ago, my husband challenged himself to lose 40 pounds and asked friends, family and strangers to pledge per pound or a lump sum amount to be donated to Ethiopia Orphan Relief.   He wanted the money he raised to be used for the specific purpose of purchasing beds and bedding for orphans that will be housed at FOVC in Ethiopia.  You can read more about FOVC here.

I am happy to report that my awesome husband exceed his goal by .5 pounds and raised $4,185.78.  Not only is he feeling better physically, but he feels better emotionally knowing that his efforts and the money raised is going to such a good cause.  Many children will benefit and I am so very proud of the hard work he put into this challenge.  Way to go honey!!!

He is now working on another challenge and will be posting that information on his blog Losing for Dollars.


  1. Dave is awesome. I followed his journey and was so inspired. He worked so hard, not only to raise money but to be healthier and set a great example for his kids. I admire the Weeks greatly!

    And SO PSYCHED for Momcation 2011!!

  2. A Broadway show? I’ve never seen a Broadway show. A little shopping? Good food? I think I would like to join in!!

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