Celebrating Family

Ah Mother’s Day!

For me, I wish the holiday didn’t exist. That may seem strange coming from the mother of 5, but there is so much loss associated with this holiday that doesn’t bring me joy.

Our son passed away the day after Mother’s Day six years ago. Not that I don’t have regular reminders that he is gone, but this is a major reminder that causes me to relive that day all over again.

For my girls, they are reminded of the mothers they don’t have in their lives. While they are happy to do things for me, it’s still tough to know they have other mothers they aren’t able to celebrate with each year.

Then there are our foster sons who I still miss terribly. They have a mother they only see weekly, if that. They have a foster mother (me), who they had to say good-bye to a few months ago. Now they celebrate with another foster mother, not knowing what next year brings.

While I’m thankful that I am a mother, I don’t need a holiday to remind me of that fact and my children don’t need a reminder of their losses.

Because I like to be on the go most of the time, we took the girls and drove by the house we’re buying. The girls hadn’t seen the house yet and it seemed strange that we may be moving in a few weeks to a house they have never seen. Although we couldn’t go inside, they were excited to see it. We also drove through the neighborhood to take a closer look.

One thing we really liked about it, is the fact that the house is on a street that leads to a cul-de-sac. For a matter-of-fact, there are about three other streets that branch off in the neighborhood and every street is a cul-de-sac. No heavy traffic. Just people in the neighborhood coming and going.

As we left the neighborhood, we headed off to see what was nearby. Going either direction, we have very easy access to Target, Lowe’s, grocery stores, shopping centers, gas stations, Starbucks, etc. Everything we could want or need will be no more than 6-8 miles round trip.

We had lunch at a pizza place not far from the house and will definitely be going back.

Then we took a drive to hubby’s office to get a better idea of what his commute might look like. Currently it takes him 1:00 – 1:15 to get to work. His commute should be more like 20 – 30 minutes from the new house. Of course everything around here depends on traffic, but that’s so much better than what he drives now.

From his office we headed back to the house on a non-toll road route. Even going that direction, he will shave 20-30 minutes off his commute and will save quite a bit a month in tolls.

After our little journey to hubby’s office and back, we stopped for some ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but Ben and Jerry’s!!!! The shopping center we were at, was very nice and had a large movie theater. It was maybe 3 miles from the new house, if that.

We headed back to our RV home traveling new roads again. I found out that we’ll be fairly close to the salon where Lili and I go to get our hair done. Bonus!!!! No need to find someone new to do our hair.

If we can get the appraisal done in time, our closing date has been moved up from June 15th to May 26th. In less than three weeks, we may be moving into our new home. Of course since we’re buying VA, getting the appraisal done in time is the big question mark, but no matter what, we will very likely be moving before the original June 15th closing date. That’s important as Naomi’s birthday is June 15th. It would be so nice to living in our new hI rouse to celebrate her 7th birthday. Fingers crossed that everything moves along smoothly.

Now this day comes to a close.  We enjoyed the day not celebrating me nearly as much as we celebrated our little family.  That made today a good day!





  1. Mother’s day has been very sad here also. I feel like I k n ow why the cowboy always goes after the lost calf, because that’s the one that needs the help the most. So if there’s safety in numbers I think mothers day is overrated. It’s a huge reminder of what we lost or like in some of our cases never achieved. Love you friend.

    • Mother’s Day is overrated and I wish the holiday didn’t exist. However, there is little chance it will ever go away. In our Capitalist system, no government official will be willing to end this tradition, especially when businesses make so much revenue off the sale of Mother’s Day cards, flowers and gifts. I just need to change the holiday to celebrate something else 🙂 Maybe we can change it to friend’s day and celebrate our friends.

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