Photo Safari

This weekend I participated in a Chicago Adventure Photo Safari.  I will no longer need to use my Nikon D3000 as a point-and-shoot camera.  I actually now have ‘some’ photo skills.  I need a whole lot of practice, but the fact that I now know how to use some of the camera settings and have learned things I didn’t know at all is very exciting.

Here are some pictures I took during my Safari.

The first few pictures were taken at the Lincoln Park Conservatory.  I had just learned how to change the aperture and why I would want to change the aperture on my camera.  I then took several pictures focusing in on a specific flower, while blurring out the flowers and foliage in the background and/or foreground.

The next few pictures were taken after the instructor taught us about changing the camera’s shutter speed to capture more or less of movement detail in a photo.   Our moving subject was water.

And then I learned about metering and how to use my camera to pick up more light and detail in a photo.

The first photo show a stained glass window in a church.

And using metering I was able to pick up more light and detail.

Okay, now I realized this is probably much more exciting for me than it is for most of my readers.  I’m also sure that some of you already knew how to do these things, but it’s an exciting new discovery for my limited photography skill level.  Plus, I really wanted to get this post on my blog to show my new found skills.  As I continue to post photos here, I hope to see a marked improvement in the quality.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I would love to do that someday myself. I love taking nature/landscape photos. Would be nice if I actually had some knowledge of what I was doing!

  2. i have a nikond3000 as well…it’s been sitting here for months, i just can’t seem to figure it out, sigh. read the manual from front to back twice….LOL, they may as well have written it in chinese..hah. i guess photography will never be my professional thing.

  3. Amazing! Sorry it was cold but it gives me hope that the flowers are always in bloom in Lincoln Park.
    I cannot believe the pictures … maybe I need something more than a digital point and click?

    • I was using my Nikon D3000 as a point and shoot. I have now discovered that I can get a higher quality photo from the camera by using the features of the camera and I now have a new love and appreciation for photography.

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