Potty Training

Lili spoiled me.  Seriously, she was the easiest kid to potty train.  She was waking up dry at night and from naps before she was 2 years old.  I put off potty training her for about 3 months after she turned 2 because we had some road trips planned and I didn’t want to be potty training on the road.   Once we started, she caught on quickly.  I had taken her out to buy her own ‘big girl underpants’ and got started.  After 4 days and only 3 accidents, she had the whole potty thing mastered.  She had good control over her body and even more important, she didn’t want her ‘big girl underpants’ to be wet or dirty.

I knew Naomi wasn’t going to be nearly as easy.  When she began ducking behind things to ‘do her business’ in her diaper, I knew she was ready to start.  On the other hand, I had a strong suspicion that she wasn’t going to care if her ‘big girl underpants’ were wet or dirty.  Still, I took her out shopping to pick out her own underpants.  She chose Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse.  On Thursday she wanted to wear her new Minnie Mouse underwear.  We got through the day with only one accident.  Unlike Lili, she wasn’t really upset about Minnie Mouse getting wet and she actually smiled about it.  Yesterday I changed wet or dirty underwear 3 times.  Again, she wasn’t upset about it.  Today, she doesn’t seem to care if she has on underwear or a diaper – sigh.  Don’t get me wrong, she is very happy about her successes on the potty and that’s a good thing.  She just isn’t spoiling me like Lili did and I so wanted to be spoiled again.

It’s time for another potty break, so I’ll close my post with the hope that I’m not still trying to potty train Naomi this time next year.

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  1. I’m with you girl! Of course I’ve never been spoiled but I’m getting tested to the limits with trying to potty train. One minute they want to wear undies the next they want their diapers back on. We are not full on potty training due to too much going on but we are getting them used to going on the potty and neither one cares about being wet in their undies…Avery will just take his off and dance around and laugh because he went peepee in his pants. **Sigh** Really hoping they decide soon they want to wear only undies! Good Luck!

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