Day 84

Only six more days to the end of my 90 day challenge and I have consistently lost weight throughout the challenge.  This week, however, I saw my smallest weekly weight-loss-to-date.  Only .2 lbs.  Still, I got thru Thanksgiving and the post-Thanksgiving left-overs managing to lose a little bit of weight.  Honestly, getting thru Thanksgiving with any weight-loss is a milestone for me.  So, for this holiday season my goal is to continue making good choices more times than not and to continue losing weight and inches throughout the end of the year.

I have now lost 20.6 lbs with 4.4 more lbs to lose to reach my 25 weight-loss goal.  It’s not out-of-reach, but will certainly be challenging.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with good food, good company and no weight gain!

Check in next Tuesday for the finale!!!



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