Day 90

I have come to the end of my 90 day challenge.  There have been some highs and lows during the challenge, but overall, I’m happy with the progress I made.   I know I can continue being successful with my weight loss and health goals simply because I have found something that is working for me.

Now, for the results of my 90 day challenge.

My goal was to lose 25 lbs in 90 days.  I did not achieve that goal, but I did lose 21 lbs.  Only 4 lbs off my goal and 4 lbs that I know I will lose over the next few weeks.

A 21 lbs weight loss is certainly something to be proud of and my primary focus was the numbers on the scale.  However, I have to say that I’m probably more proud of the numbers on the measuring tape.  I spent very little time taking my measurements, but can proudly say that in addition to the 21 lbs I’ve lost, I also lost 14.25 inches.  I have made me realize that even though the scale may not have reflected the numbers I wanted to see from week to week, my body was changing in good ways and those ways aren’t always measured on a scale.

Now I begin my next 90 day challenge.  My goal is to lose 19 lbs and 2 clothing sizes.

My other goal is to find at least 3 friends to join me in the challenge.  Yes, I know it’s easy to use the excuse of the holidays to prevent some from even beginning, but why wait until the new year?  Why not start now?  Give yourself the gift of weight loss and health this holiday season!

And now for the before and after pics.  While it may not be an earth-shattering change, it is a change in the right direction and I’m proud of the accomplishments I’ve made thus far.

Me at the beginning of the 90 day challenge.
Beginning of the 90 day challenge
End of the 90 day challenge

Can’t wait to display my before an after pics in March!!!!!


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