Squash Bugs

I was working in the garden a couple of nights ago while the girls were playing in the sprinkler.  A nice benefit to sprinkler play is the watering my garden gets as the girls fill their little buckets and dump water on the garden. Another nice benefit this time was finding 3 squash bugs.

Lili came over with her bucket of water and poured it on my biggest zucchini plant.  This watering caused 3 squash bugs to surface and me to go running into the house to find out how I can naturally rid my zucchini of these plant-eating pests.

My quick research sent me back outside armed with my little jelly jar of soapy water.  I picked each bug off the plant and put them in the jar.  Within a very short time they died.

Of course this isn’t the end as I now go out daily to inspect the plants for more bugs and/or eggs.

Does anyone else have any other tried and true methods for ridding their squash plants from these little buggers?

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