Georgette and the Great Southeast Adventure – Part 3

On Day 3 of our adventure we ate breakfast, dressed cool for hot weather and headed out for a day at Carowinds theme park.

We had taken Lili and Naomi to Disneyland several years ago, but being so young, Naomi remembers nothing of the trip and Lili has only vague memories.  This would be their first memorable theme park visit and we were all looking forward to the day ahead.

The park was not far at all from the campground.  For a matter-of-fact, we had a view of the park from our camp space.


However, the entrance was just over a mile away.  Instead of walking, we took advantage of the shuttle service offered to those staying at the campground.

What I didn’t realize about Carowinds until shortly before our visit there, is the fact it is built on the North Carolina and South Carolina state lines.  So as we walked into the park, we stepped one foot in North Carolina and one foot in South Carolina.



Staying at the campground also allowed us to enter the park 30 minutes prior to opening to the general public.  This allowed hubby an opportunity to ride the Fury 325.


For a matter-of-fact, when entering the park, you walk under this roller coaster and after watching it, I was absolutely convinced that I would NOT be on the Fury 325 at any point during our visit.

If you want to get a better idea of what this roller coaster is like, feel free to watch this . . . .

We had a thrilling morning at the park.


Lili got to experience her first big roller coaster ride.


We took a break for some Dippin Dots.


Enjoyed some rides in Planet Snoopy.


And with the heat index in the 100’s, we decided to head back to the campground for a cool down, some lunch and naps before heading back to the park for an evening of more rides and souvenirs.


As we returned to the campground, Georgette awaited us with refreshing showers and soft beds for the night.

It was a good day!!!


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