The Pit

At one time we had an above ground pool in our back yard.  We took it out, but have never done anything with all the sand that sat under the pool.  The girls have enjoyed playing in it, but it has basically just sat there while we have had on going discussions about what we want to do in our back yard.

Earlier in the spring we decided to pull up landscape blocks around some shrubs.  We stacked them neatly on the porch and they have sat there for the last few months.

In the back yard sits a pile of wood from our tree that fell a couple of months ago.

We have the perfect combination.

Sand in a back yard that needs new life + wood + landscape blocks = fire pit.

Our son Josh happened to be at our house so we put him to work carrying blocks and doing the initial digging.  Then hubby worked diligently placing each block around the outer edge of the circle and making sure they were level.  Lili got in on the project handing blocks to daddy and helping glue them into place.

During all of this, I was busy canning salsa and tomatoes when I suddenly realized I hadn’t taken any pictures of the project.  I grabbed my camera and got a few pics of the project before it was completed.

Lili posing with the glue gun. Not sure what that look is on her face 🙂


First some glue and then some blocks.
First some glue and then some blocks.


Finally, the finished project.

It was a project that only took a few hours and when the weather cools off it will give us many evenings of enjoyment and relaxation.

Now I’m trying to convince hubby that we need a concrete patio around the fire pit to put some real life into our yard 🙂

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