Sweet Satisfaction

100 = How many jars of my fresh garden produce I’ve canned so far this year.

I’m still getting zucchini, tomatoes and peppers from the garden, so there is more harvesting and preserving in my future.  I’m also canning black beans today, which happens to be a staple food in our house and will add to the number of jars already stored in my basement.  No, I didn’t grow the black beans, although if I like the results I get today from my canning adventure, I may try to grow my own next year.

Overall, I have to say that our garden rebuild was very successful this year.  Yes, we had some things that didn’t do well, like my pickling cucumbers, but the vast majority did even better than I expected.

All the produce sitting on my basement shelves are things I will not need to add to my grocery list for at least the next year.  No store-bought canned tomatoes laced with BPA.  No produce that has been sprayed with insecticides.  This fall and winter we will be enjoying soups, stews, casseroles, tacos, breads and more that will include food I grew and preserved.

Ah, sweet satisfaction!!!


  1. I am so very impressed. I am struggling to keep a basil plant alive right now (too hot and I can’t keep it watered enough). I wish I had a green thumb too…

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