Full Speed Ahead

Just when I thought life might slow down a bit, it got busier.

Granted, some of it we’ve brought on ourselves, like the patio and deck project.  Yet, some other stuff has been piled on by outside forces.

What this means is that my to-do list, which is quite long,  isn’t something I can tackle over the next few months. No, this list needs to be completed over the next few weeks if possible.

The  difference right now, is that eventual move we had been planning to make could happen sooner, rather than later.

No, I don’t have any big announcement to make at the moment, but our slow and steady pace in preparation for a move in the future is no longer slow.  Some opportunities are beginning to open up and we may actually find ourselves in a position to relocate sooner, rather than later.

No more slow and steady for me.
Instead of painting the walls when things slow down a bit, the walls need to be painted now.
Instead of getting the de-cluttering and organizing done little at a time, I’m boxing things up for donation and almost tossing the boxes out the window as I drive by Goodwill.
Instead of starting a fall garden, I’m cleaning up the garden because I just don’t have time to take care of it right now. Plus, I may be gardening in a different spot next year.
Unless and until we find out differently, its full speed ahead!!!

While there is some uncertainty in our lives right now and with that uncertainty comes some stress, the possibilities for the future are exciting.

And now that my break is over, I’m going to go empty a closet somewhere and see what else I have to toss at Goodwill.


  1. How exciting! And so stressful! As you know we’ve been daydreaming about the same course but we have waffled back and forth about should we stay or should we go. Cant wait to hear more details.

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