Big Weekend of Projects Completed

A few months ago, hubby, Lili and our son Josh, used some unused landscape blocks and built a fire pit. That little project lead to a bigger project, which was to put in a patio around the fire pit. We also needed to rebuild our deck and since one set of stairs would lead down to the patio, it was almost an all-in-one project.

We finished the deck rebuild a few weekends ago, except for one set of stairs that would lead down to the patio. This weekend, the patio project was completed. The stairs have also been started and should be completed in the next few days.

Next on my backyard to-do list, is landscaping around the patio.ย  Something simple, but very needed.

Another project completed this weekend was the garden clean up. If we’re still here next fall, I hope to have a fall/winter garden going, but this year is about focusing on getting our house ready to sell.

This week I’m going to tackle some painting projects inside. I’ve had one room prepped and ready to paint for several days. I planned to paint it several times during the last week, but other things got in the way. If all goes well, it will be painted in the next few days. And if things go really well, I may actually get another room prepped and painted.

Overall, it has been a great weekend for finishing projects and I am looking forward to sitting on our new patio with a cup of hot chocolate and a roaring fire in our fire pit.

**Before and after pics will be posted soon.


  1. I found your last few points very motivating. We are at a similar stage as you family, just moving at a much slower pace ๐Ÿ™‚ I got a small project knocked out last night and when I finally got started it really only took a few minutes.

    • Sometimes I don’t feel as if we’re moving very quickly around here. However, if I had 4 more kids, I’m quite sure I’d be moving even slower. So I understand.

      Getting started on a project can be the most difficult part, but every project completed is a step forward.

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