Why Homeschooling is Best

I started this blog post several days ago after reading a post from a mom who shared her reasons why it’s okay not to homeschool.  Her post was not homeschooling bashing.  She was simply stating her reasons for choosing not to homeschool and why those reasons are okay.

For many years, homeschool moms and dads have been in the position of explaining and/or defending their choice to homeschool. So I actually found it interesting that a mom, who chose to send her child to public school, felt the need to express why it’s okay not to homeschool.  However, more than anything, her post got me thinking about all the reasons why my choice to homeschool is okay and I was going to blog about it.

My bulleted list of all the great reasons I homeschool bean to flow onto the page, but it didn’t feel right. I deleted my list and started again, but couldn’t seem to find the right words and decided to put the blog post aside for another day. Then, while visiting a local museum today, I realized exactly what I wanted to say.

This particular museum is not open to the public on Mondays during the school year and today they opened so homeschool moms and dads could bring their kids in for a private visit.  Instead of sending my kids off to school (or at least Lili, since Naomi is not yet school-age), we were together. We were having fun and learning ‘together.’  My girls spent time with other homeschoolers from their co-op,  while I enjoyed the company of other moms.  All of us supervising and enjoying time with our children.  As I stood there watching my girls, it suddenly hit me.   My list of reasons why I homeschool is wonderful and they are very valid reasons. Ultimately though, I chose homeschooling because it is best for my children and our family and what other reason could I possibly need!


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