The Perfect House

Nelson Mandela

Many years ago, when we decided to make our move across country to return home to friends and family, we also decided that we were going to build our next house. In my mind, building a house meant we could choose the perfect house for our family. At times it seemed like an impossible task, but we found the determination to make it happen.

Since we were moving back to my old stomping grounds, we knew what the town was like.  I found out about a piece of vacant property that was for sale, got pictures and in short order put money down on the property. All of this was done before we even sold the house we were living in and a few months before we were making our big move.

For months prior to moving, we looked at 100’s of different house plans. We would find plans that we really liked and study those plans for days only to discover something we just didn’t like about them.  Finally, we found the perfect plans and about 1 year later we were moving into our newly built home.

Funny thing about perfection – nothing is perfect. Within a few months after moving in to our perfect house, we discovered it wasn’t so perfect after all. Things we thought we would like about the house we didn’t like and other things we wished we would have done differently. Until you’ve lived in a house, you just don’t know what you will like or won’t like about it.  But it was also a great learning experience.

As we take steps toward our country home – hobby farm,  homestead – I have been looking thru house plans. This time I look at those plans with a different set of eyes and dream of my cabin amongst the trees. Somehow, it helps to keep me motivated. It helps me keep my eyes more focused on the finish line. In a strange way, I feel like I’m making preparations for our future.

Of couse if Santa would just leave the winning lottery ticket in my stocking this year, I could quit dreaming and start doing 🙂   Until then, I must keep the dream alive always realizing that what seems impossible now, will one day be done.


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