Trading the Past for the Future

We have been making a lot of changes to help us reach our homesteading goal. But sometimes, old habits die-hard.

We’ve lived the American Dream most of our lives. Work hard, make money, buy lots of things, take nice vacations . . . .  Like I said, it’s the American Dream.  But somewhere along the way our dream changed and it changed dramatically.  We want to work hard, but we want to work hard to sustain ourselves.  We will need to make money for the necessities, but we want to live a life in which we have redefined what those necessities are.  We don’t need the nicest or biggest televisions.  We don’t need the nicest cars.  We don’t need to take fancy vacations (although I must admit I enjoy a nice vacation from time to time).  We need food, clothing, shelter and the means to get those things.  Those are the real necessities.

It’s not always easy to make big life changes, but trading our past life for our future life is a really good trade.  We just need constantly remind ourselves . . . . .

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