Record Breaking Winter May Cause Delays

Thanks to the snow storm that moved thru over the weekend, we have now broken a record for the most snowfall. The previous record was 52.5″ and this year we’ve now had 53.4″ of snow. Sadly, it doesn’t appear we’re done with the snow as we have more snow forecast mid-week and this weekend.  Ugh!!!!

However, this too shall pass or at least I hope so.

Yesterday I heard that we are on track for a colder than normal March. It also appears we may be in for a cooler than normal April and possibly May.  As I watch my seedlings emerge thru the soil, I begin to wonder when I will be able to plant them outdoors.  It’s not just a matter of the snow melting (although it will provide some good moisture for the garden), but our soil temperature needs to warm up as well.  That can’t happen if we continue having below normal temperatures for the next 2 months.  This record breaking winter may cause delays in my gardening plans and that doesn’t make me very happy. 

So maybe it’s time I fight back and build some tunnels to help warm the soil so we can get our garden planted in time this year.  Not only would tunnels help us get an earlier start in the spring, but they are also helpful in extending the gardening season into the late fall and early winter.  At the very least, I think garden tunnels are worth some serious consideration.

I supposed I should run this idea past hubby since he will likely be the one building them 🙂

So hubby, what do you think?  Can you build me some of these in your spare time?  LOL!!!

And to all the other gardeners who might be reading, do you use tunnels in your garden? Do you have any tips or suggestions?

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