Focus on Change

We are trying to grow where we are planted, but sometimes that is really, really hard.

The powers that be have put a lot of limitations on the people in this little village and hubby recently confirmed that not only can we not have chickens, but we can’t have meat rabbits either.  For a matter-of-fact, it appears that none of the little communities that surround us can have these things either.  We are surrounded by small farming communities for 20+ miles each direction and all of these small communities have had these ordinances on the books since the 1960’s.  If I lived 20 miles east of here in the town with the Walmart, Target, shopping malls, grocery stores, colleges, etc., I could have chickens and meat rabbits in my back yard, but not here.

I must admit, there is a big part of me that would like to fight for change.  Why should we continue to live in the 1960’s?  Cities all over the U.S. are allowing families to have small farm animals in their back yards, so why shouldn’t little farming communities do the same?  So why don’t I fight it?  Truth is, I’m putting so much energy into trying to move out of this area and onto our homestead that I just don’t feel it’s worth the fight.  One day, in the not-too-distant future I hope, we’ll be living on our little homestead in another state.  So how much sense does it make for me to try to change an ordinance that I won’t be around to take advantage of?  I know that’s a very selfish attitude to have, but I have to pick my battles and I need to fight to get our family out of this little village and into the country.

Instead of fighting for change, I think I’ll just grumble and complain about the ignorant ordinance for a little while and stay focused on my seedlings and garden, while I work to get everything in order so my family can relocate.  Then one day we’ll find ourselves on our little homestead and there you will find me happily raising my chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, turkeys, dogs, and any other animal that we choose to have.





  1. I do wonder… If you could not keep some “pet” rabbits indoors and nobody would be any the wiser. A rabbit can easilly be processed in a kitchen sink. You could make the mild deception extra complete by buying a mini meat breed such as mini rex or Florida white. Both have great meat to bone ratios and grow fast with big litters… Just have a smaller overall carcass. You put in the same amount of feed to get the same amount of meat in a smaller package. I see no reason why you could not even buy some toys and even maybe sale just a few as pets to private individuals if your ordinances allow. There would be no debate possible if there was ever a complaint… You would have “pet” rabbits to all outside eyes!

    • I have no doubt we could have “pet” rabbits. One of the big reasons we wanted rabbits outside is that we’ll be putting our house on the market as we prepare to make our move to the country. That means every time our house is shown, we have to move the rabbits out. If we could have them outside, no big deal when someone comes to look at the house. Thanks for the idea though 🙂 It’s certainly something to consider.

  2. I can understand your position. We are in the process of getting our county to change the out dated regulations. We have no intention of moving until my wife retires in about 10 years, so its worth the fight. We have joined with about 400 other like-minded people in our county and have made some progress over the last two years. At least the county council is “considering” some proposals we have made. Only time will tell, but will local elections later this year, its a good time to press the incumbents.

    • Consideration of changes is a good first step. I hope it leads to permanent changes that will benefit those trying to live a more self-sustainable lifestyle.

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