I’m feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by all the painting that still needs to happen in my house. Overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” that we’ve accumulated over the years. Overwhelmed by the amount of yard work that needs to be done. Overwhelmed by the amount of spring cleaning I have to do.

So how does one handle all the overwhelming feelings when they surface?

They take on a challenge!

I stumbled across this blog post and immediately thought, “40 bags in 40 days is just what I need to do.”

The idea is to fill one garbage bag full of “stuff” and remove it from your house and your life.  As hubby pointed out to me the other day, we have gotten rid of a lot of stuff, but there is a lot more that needs to go.  There are constantly toys strewn all over the playroom floor and many are there because they don’t get played with.  Closets are packed full of clothes that don’t fit and are out of style.  We have a game closet full of games that haven’t been played in years and I’m quite sure many have missing pieces.  The list goes on and I have no doubt that if I spend the next 40 days de-cluttering, the overwhelming feelings will begin to fade away.

So I’m going to take on the challenge, except I’m not going to spend 40 days on this challenge.  Instead I’m going to make it 60 bags in 30 days.  That is one month!!!  Certainly I can fill 2 garbage bags a day for 30 days!!!  Plus 30 days seems more reasonable to me.  Since part of the challenge is to feel less overwhelmed, I don’t want to overwhelm myself more by subjecting myself to a challenge that is just too long.

Maybe I should take on a 50 walls in 50 days challenge as well.  Paint a wall each day for 50 days.  I think that would just about take care of all the painting.  I’ll think on that one a little longer.

Now that I’ve made my mind up, I’m feeling better.

Time to get this challenge started!!!




    • I am amazed at how much hubby and I have collected over the years. Much of it just needs to go though. We’ve had stuff sitting in storage and in closets unused for years.

  1. Your post made me giggle. I am/was feeling the same way! I purged and cleaned this week. We still have a long way to go but I feel so much better now!! I am a different person than I was on Monday! I have seen the bag challenge, but I haven’t done it officially-but I think I may be close! 🙂

    • I removed two bags of stuff from the house today. It’s in the car awaiting a trip to Goodwill. As I was tossing things in the bag, I realized that just one closet held several bags of clothing and junk that just needs to go. My junk will be another’s treasure!

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