My New Garden Assistant

We’ve had a lot of up and down temperatures this spring and I was very anxious to get my tomatoes and peppers outside to begin hardening before planting. In addition to the temperature fluctuations, we’ve had some fairly strong winds which concerned me. Yet, my biggest concern was getting them outside of my house.  I just wasn’t sure the best way to accomplish this until hubby went and picked up this . . . . .



I now have my own portable green house.  Hubby found it on sale and we decided it would be a wonderful investment.

It has two windows on each side and a door at each end.  I am able to open it up in the morning to all plenty of air circulation and close it up on cool nights.

Best of all, the tomatoes and peppers love it.


And I’ll be able to use it again in the summer when it’s time to prepare for fall planting.

Now it’s time to get back to work.  I’m expanding the garden this year so we have enough space for all these tomatoes, peppers and other good veggies we want to plant.

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