I’m Hooked


It may seem a bit strange, but I’m hooked on rain barrels!!

I love being able to fill my watering can with rain water then pouring it on my herbs, flowers and vegetables (when needed).  It is so satisfying.

We have a second rain barrel sitting in our garage and I’ve asked hubby to get it set up. We’ve had a couple dry spells already this year and the one barrel was getting pretty low until our rain the other night.  Having a back-up could prove useful this summer.

Here’s hoping for some rain after the second barrel is set up!!


  1. I find it ironic, that rainbarrels are a trendy thing. We had one always, when I was a kid. It didn’t look so nice as yours though. It was just a 50 gallon drum, placed under the end of the gutter. It filled up, and ran over after that. We used it to wash boots, after barn duty, or anything else that needed mud washed off it. Eventually, it filled up with silt and my dad dumped it over, and it started again. (Why didn’t we carry water to our garden from that barrel? Or enrich our garden soil with that silt from the barrel? I don’t know.) My grandparents next door had one under thier gutter end too. I remember once, a Norway rat fell in there and drowned. We didn’t live in a drought area, although our well was a spring that ran dry every summer, and my dad had to take an old truck with a tank on it “up in the hills” where he worked as a logger, and pump it full of “crick” water. Then that truck parked next to the house, with a hose running from it to the porch. We had a small washer there that we used in summertime. Eventually, a new well was drilled, and I don’t remember it ever running out. In fact my grandparents who lived next door still had a spring well that DID run out in summertime, and my dad dug in pipes to thier house, with a control valve by our well, so that they could get water from us when theirs ran dry. Your rain barrel is lovely, especially when I remember ours. And the idea of a rainbarrel supplying a toilet is a great one.
    House we are moving to has a large shop. It could use a gutter and downspouts into a cistern, or barrels.
    April in AK
    PS: I am seeing a big old bull moose in the evenings around my yard. I see him eating brush, and one night, eating down my current bushes. Makes me wish my son with the paintball gun still lived at home. He used to paintball the moose to scare them off. I probably won’t get much from my currents or raspberries this year. Again. And I am hoping he won’t discover the keyhole garden. It would be a very convenient buffet. He wouldn’t even have to lean over to clear it out. My chard is looking like I can start trimming off some outer leaves to eat and I better do it fast, just in case.

    • I love hearing about how others grew up, so thanks for sharing.
      I grew up in a family who didn’t garden. My grandparents gardened, but as kids, we weren’t allowed time in their gardens. My family also didn’t do much to conserve resources, so I was raised to believe that water, electricity and gas would always be readily available and we could rely on those things. Hubby grew up working in his dad’s garden, but his family also didn’t go a lot in the way of conserving resources. It has only been in the last few years that we have become passionate about conservation and self-sufficiency. So to us, rain barrels are a fairly new discovery.
      You’ll be moving away from the moose, but you’ll still have to deal with the garden eating deer 🙂

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