My Day Camper

Lili is off to day camp this week and because I’m such an awesome mom, I didn’t take one photo of her on her first day at camp.  That’s right folks!!!!  Not one photo of my daughter on her first ever first day of day camp.

But not to worry!  I managed to take some second day of camp pictures.




So far, she loves Art and Science in the Woods.

On the way home yesterday she told me about the turkey vulture they found as well as a Goldfinch and some other birds she couldn’t remember the name of.  She was also thrilled to learn what poison ivy and sumac look like.  She was able to try out some Native American instruments and made a teepee from sticks, a rubber band and some cloth she decorated.

Overall, it was an awesome first day of camp and I look forward to hearing all about her camp adventures this week.  And to make up for missing day 1 pictures, maybe I’ll take day 3, 4 and 5 🙂


  1. It looks like a very fun time! Maria would love a camp like that. She is my “outdoors” girl. I hope the rest of the week goes well!

    • We’re very lucky to have something like this in our area. It is a great program and Lili is enjoying it a lot. Every kid looks so happy in the morning and happily exhausted in the afternoon. In my book, that equals a great program 🙂

    • She has been talking my ear off about camp each day. I love her excitement and enthusiasm as she talks a mile a minute, filling me in on every detail.

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