We All Deserve to Be Happy

I have several people in my life who are going thru some big stuff in their lives. They’ve experienced hurt at the hands of others and I wish I could do more than provide an understanding ear or shoulder to lean on.

While I wish I didn’t understand, I have had similar situations in my life and those hurts can run deep. The trust you had built is completely shattered by hurtful words or actions and you spend months or sometimes years trying to pick up the pieces and move on. Although in some cases, rebuilding that previous level of trust may seem to be an impossible task, especially when those hurt come in waves.

As humans, we are fragile beings and we take things very personally.  After all, it’s hard not take things personally when we are the target of the hurtful words or actions.  But we are also resilient and when we’ve been hurt by others we need to remember . . . .

Then . . . .

Because . . . .

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