Farewell to Lights

An annual holiday tradition in our family has been taking a trip to see the East Peoria Festival of Lights.  However, Naomi was very conflicted about going this year.  She enjoys seeing the lights, but not having daddy with us was very difficult for her.  Still we made plans to go see the lights and I put her in charge of taking pictures.  She was very happy about taking the pictures and since looking at them, I’m convinced she has created a new art form 🙂

She took about 60 photos, but I’m only posting a handful 🙂

20151205_200450_Night 20151205_200521_Night 20151205_200540_Night 20151205_200647_Night 20151205_200702_Night 20151205_200726_Night 20151205_200805_Night 20151205_200858_Night 20151205_200929_Night 20151205_200958_Night 20151205_201003_Night 20151205_201058_Night 20151205_201124_Night 20151205_201245_Night 20151205_201337_Night 20151205_201545_Night 20151205_201613_Night 20151205_201621_Night


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